The trails are CLOSED - Full Trail Conditions

Snow & Trail Conditions

Last Updated: 11/23/2014 @ 08:25 AM

Snowmobile Trails in all of Vilas County will open on
December 12 at 4pm.
Providing all 11 Clubs are ready & inspected & snow conditions permit

The first snow of the season came early to Vilas County. 

Clubs in Vilas County have been given permission to pan our systems 1 time to pack down.   Trail Boss Tom & the drivers completed this.  It was cold for several days so the trails are smooth & frozen.

Yesterday was the start of a 2 day warm up.  Trail Boss Tom reports that the panned trails are holding.  Temperatures are dropping back down again starting Monday night.  A low of 14 plus a 90% chance of SNOW.  Full week of low 20's & teens during the day.  Many single digit night to include a few below zero.

The State says you can ride a snowmobile in the right of way ditch line any time year round.  So you could ride there but no where else.  If you do this do not go around any gates or ride on fields as that's trespassing.  You could be ticketed & worse yet you would be jeopardizing the trail easements.

Won't be long now!
Holly Tomlanovich
Sno-Eagles, Inc
Recorded Trail Update 715.479.5185 Start December 1.