Article - We've got new trail map signs

We recently installed newly constructed trail map signs in ten locations on our trails!

The signs are 4’ X 4’ and are constructed of treated lumber and Plexiglas. They're located at major trail intersections on the Sno-Eagles trails. The entire Vilas County snowmobile trail system is prominently displayed.

We are striving to make the snowmobile experience safer and more enjoyable for snowmobilers who visit the “Snowmobile Capital of the World.” Brian Scheid, Sno-Eagles Trail Boss, said “Our local businesses depend on us to provide excellent trails which bring snowmobilers to those businesses. We support them. That’s what we do as a snowmobile club.”

Wisconsin has over 25,000 miles of snowmobile trails and over 1,000 miles in Vilas County. According to Brian, “The Sno-Eagles groom and maintain just over one hundred of those miles nightly and is stepping up the trail mapping image for the local area and the business community.”

Brian, who is beginning his second year as Trail Boss for the Sno-Eagles, made a personal commitment to enhance trail mapping for the club. This fall club members built and installed the signs. Special thanks to BRIAN SCHEID, BERNIE PACANOWSKI, BOB STENCIL, RON ENGELS, DEANA SCHEID AND KEN STORMS!

Each map sign is geo-referenced. “As a service to visitors using our trails, we strategically placed them throughout the Eagle River area. We are pleased to increase exposure for our businesses who support our club” said Brian.

The Vilas County snowmobile trail system is comprised of eleven independent snowmobile clubs. Each club produces a trail map which has a club side and a county side for advertising. Businesses purchase map-ad space to highlight their business location and services. Map advertising provides financial support for the snowmobile clubs. “That financial support goes directly to our grooming fund” said Brian. He added, “During peak season we may have three groomers out 4-5 times per week covering four grooming routes per night. That could require up to 120 gallons plus of fuel per night. It’s a large expense for our club.”

Technology has allowed snowmobile maps to be included on phone apps and GPS units for many years now. Brian commented “These maps do not include the business locations within the community. Reception can be spotty, especially in the National Forests. Following GPS on a cell phone can be cumbersome while wearing gloves, clothing and helmet. At this time, you just cannot replace a paper map; that may change someday.”

Thanks again to Brian, Bernie, Bob, Ron, Deana & Ken for all your hard work. The signs look GREAT!!

Trail map signs